We believe healthy hair starts at the scalp

Feed it the nutrients & vitamins it craves.

Meet Voyage Hairsmoothies

A fruit based hair mask- so rich and nutritious

it could pass as a smoothie.

100% all natural ingredients locally sourced from organic suppliers.

Handcrafted, blended

and poured.

Made to order 

and delivered frozen

to ensure ingredients

are at peak freshness.

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Your biggest hair concerns, answered.

Hair health starts here

Non toxic

Safe for all chemically

treated hair and postpartum hair.

New ritual

Add masking to your self care

ritual to stimulate hair growth

Nutrient Rich

Made with active ingredients 

dedicated to hair and scalp care.


No chemicals or preservatives.

Color safe. & Gluten Free


— Name, Title

All the vitamins and nutrients nourished my hair from roots to ends. I'm glad to know that there is a product out there with honest organic ingredients.

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